Price: $1,995.00


Matrix T7XE treadmill is one of the major models of the company that promises 25,000 miles of performance without any maintenance, and a very long life. It is equipped with a powerful 5 HP motor along with patented Dynamic Response Drive system for monitoring and adjusting the speed according to user footfalls, providing more natural and smoother running experience. The console has a touch screen powered with patented FitTouch technology that provides a highly intuitive interface. The treadmill also comes with a superior TV powered with Vista Clear technology that delivers clearer, vibrant, and crisper images.

Features at a Glance

  • Powerful AC 5 HP motor with Dynamic Response Drive system
  • 22″ x 60″ running space
  • Patented Ultimate Deck system for superior shock absorption
  • End caps made of cast aluminum
  • 400 lbs maximum capacity for user weight
  • Contact and telemetric monitoring of heart rate
  • 11 Workout programs including Marine PFT, Army PFT, Air Force PRT and PEB (Physical Efficiency Battery)
  • Superior touch screen console with FitTouch technology
  • TV with Vista Clear technology
  • Range of speed from 0.5 mph to 15 mph
  • Range of incline from 0 to 15%
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